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5. Terms to own Stating “Hello” in Hindi (Casual Circumstances)

5. Terms to own Stating “Hello” in Hindi (Casual Circumstances)

3- ??? ?????? (subh raaTri)

As well as the history authoritative words was ??? ?????? (subh raaTri) getting claiming “good night.” Remember that it’s sort of a goodbye, rather than told you if you’re allowed people early in a good fulfilling.

There is arrive at one particular helpful area of the post: discovering hello from inside the Hindi to have casual issues, including appointment family unit members, subscribers, and you may cousins. Speaking of great pursue-ups to have once you have learned just how to say, “Good morning, my buddy,” when you look at the Hindi!

1- ???? / ???? ??? ??? (kaiSe/kaiSii hain aap?)

Frankly, there are many a method to convert “hello” towards Hindi inside the relaxed situations. Our basic handpicked terminology are ???? ??? ??? (kaiSe hain aap?) when talking to a man and you may ???? ??? ?? (kaiSii hain aap?) when talking to a lady.

The expression form “How could you be?” / “How do you do?” during the English and is also a substitute for claiming “Good morning, sir” into the Hindi.

  • ??? ???? ??, ???? ??? ??? (arey caacii jii, kaiSii hain aap?) “Good morning aunty, how are you currently?”

2- ???? ??? ???? (kyaa haaL hain?)

This new friendlier plus casual cure for enjoy folks of your individual years (otherwise young) is via claiming ???? ??? ???? (kyaa haaL hain?), and thus “Exactly how are you?” or “Just how are you presently performing?” for the English.

  • ?? ?????, ???? ??? ??? ? (aur DoST, kyaa haaL hain?) “So/Good morning my pal, exactly how are you starting?”

But once you happen to be addressing more than one person due to the fact household members, and want to state, “Good morning, my pals” into the Hindi, make use of this phrase:

  • ?? ???????, ???? ??? ??? ? (aur DoSTon, kyaa haaL hain?) “So/Hello family members, exactly how have you been performing?”

Both in instances, it’s apparent one ?? ????? (aur DoST) is sufficient to say, “Good morning, friend” from inside the Hindi for the informal rating-along with her.

3- ???? (SaLaam)

???? (SaLaam) is best cure for informally invited the Muslim household members. The phrase is not date-certain, in order to wish to them ???? (SaLaam) any time of the day and you may win its minds!

  • ???? ?????? ???, ???? ?? ??? ???? (SaLaam safiiq bhaaii, kahaan jaa rahe hain?) “Hello Shafiq sibling, in which have you been heading?”

4- ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? (Sab kaiSaa caL rahaa hai?)

If you would like say “How’s everything you going on?” or “How’s it going?” when you look at the Hindi, the right casual phrase is actually ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? (Sab kaiSaa caL rahaa hai?). Some body inquire so it after they genuinely value you and your whereabouts.

5- ?? ????? ??? ????? ??? (kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa)

For a short dating reviewer English greet phase, such as “Lifetime!” i’ve a long you to definitely: ?? ????? ??? ????? ???? (kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa). Yes, i Indians are quite expressive and you may love to speak. The whole interpretation because of it try “It has been lengthy.” (This will be a massive reasons why we never brain indulging toward more information on Hindi terminology when you’re messaging!)

  • ??? ???, ???? ! ?? ????? ??? ????? ??? ! (arey vaah, saTiis! kaii DiNon baaD miLaNaa huaa!) “Oh wow, Satish! Few years!”

6- ?? ?????? (aur baTaaiye)

Curious about tips state “hello” inside Hindi jargon? Better, the most popular one is ?? ?????? (aur baTaaiye). It’s good Hindi types of saying, “Thus, what’s up?” during the English.

7- ???? ?? ?? ??? (kahaan ho aaj kaL?)

Finally, Indians additionally use the fresh Hindi keywords ???? ?? ?? ??? (kahaan ho aaj kaL?), which means “In which have you been today?” It’s commonly used in deal with-to-deal with and you will cellphone discussions.

As you can tell, there is absolutely no solitary answer for what to state when acceptance some one. In line with the items, you could discover any of the phrases explained a lot more than and start an appealing conversation having people.

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