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Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC Attempt Preparations

Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC Attempt Preparations

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Government Contract (that it “Agreement”), old at the time of [_______], 20[__], one of Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC (the brand new “Depositor”), Wachovia Education loan Trust 20[__]-[__] (new “Issuer”), [___________________________________], maybe not within the individual skill but totally in element while the accredited lender trustee (eg capabilities, the newest “Eligible Financial Trustee”), [_____________________________________], perhaps not in personal fuel however, completely with its potential as the the indenture trustee (this possible, the brand new “Indenture Trustee”), Wachovia Education Financing Inc., maybe not into the individual potential however, just with the ability due towards the facts master servicer (in such electricity, the newest “Master Servicer”), and you will Wachovia Financial, Federal Relationship, perhaps not from inside the personal capabilities but entirely using its capabilities simply such as the administrator and you will expenditures representative (this kind of capacities, the newest “Administrator” and the “Spending Member”).

Wachovia Student loan Money LLC – Revised And RESTATED Trust Contract one of WACHOVIA Education loan Resource LLC, given that Depositor maybe not featuring its personal potential not, completely as Qualified Financial Trustee and not in private effectiveness however, exclusively just like the Indenture Trustee Dated since [________], 20[__]

Wachovia Education loan Money LLC – WACHOVIA Education Money INC., since the Affiliate And you can Honest B. Bilotta, due to the fact Unique Member WACHOVIA Education loan Funding LLC Limited-responsibility Company Contract Dated by

Wachovia Knowledge Finance Inc. (like opportunities, the latest “Discover Servicer”), an effective Delaware enterprise, hereby will follow (i) Wachovia Student loan Believe 20[__]-[__] (the fresh “Issuer”), (ii) [____________________________________], a national financial association, perhaps not inside the private opportunities yet not, completely when you look at the element since the eligible lender trustee (the new “Eligible Bank Trustee”) lower than a depend on agreement old due to the fact [______],20[__] anywhere between Wachovia Education loan Financing LLC and you may Qualified Lender Trustee, since changed and you may restated by the a revised and you will restated believe deal dated during [______],20[__] (the newest “Faith Agreement”) among Wachovia Student loan Money LLC, the latest Certified Lender Trustee and [____________________________________], perhaps not into the private ability but only with its possibilities due to the fact the newest indenture trustee (the fresh “Indenture Trustee”), less than an enthusiastic indenture (the fresh new “Indenture”) dated by the [______],20[__]-[__] among the Issuer, the fresh new Eligible Financial Trustee plus Indenture Trustee, (iii) brand new In the

So it Share Arrangement (“Contribution Plan”) dated from the [______], 20[__] yes Wachovia Student loan Funding LLC (this new “Depositor”), Wachovia Student loan Believe 20[__]-[__] (the brand new “Trust”), [____________________], perhaps not for the individual element however, only just like the Interim Qualified Lender Trustee (the latest “Interim Eligible Economic Trustee”) for the benefit of new Depositor with respect to the Interim Believe Arrangement dated by [______], 20[__] between your Depositor in addition to Interim Eligible Bank Trustee, and you can [____________________], perhaps not in private electricity however, exclusively as Accredited Bank Trustee (the fresh “Certified Economic Trustee”) on the advantage of the newest Believe in Modified while tend to Restated Trust Package dated because [______], 20[__] involving the Trust, new Certified Bank Trustee and you can [_________________________], as indenture trustee, will likely be energetic toward performance because of the properties hereto. Information for the Depositor herein imply the newest Interim Qualified Financial Trustee, and you can offer to your Trust he

So it Purchase Arrangement (“Buy Contract”) old by the [______], 20[__] one of Wachovia Financial, Federal Connection (“Wachovia Lender”), Wachovia Education loan Funding LLC (this new “Depositor”) and you can [____________________], maybe not during the private opportunities but only since the Interim Qualified Financial Trustee (the new “Meantime Qualified Economic Trustee”) in your favor of the latest Depositor within the Meantime Faith Bargain old because [______], 20[__] inside Depositor in addition to Interim Accredited Financial Trustee, might be active abreast of results regarding the qualities hereto. Advice for the Depositor here recommend the brand new Interim Eligible Financial Trustee for everyone aim between the holding or even move away from judge title to your Qualified Money.

It See Plan (“Get Package”) old as of [______], 20[__] certainly one of Wachovia Knowledge Fund Inc. (“WEF”), Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC (this new “Depositor”) and you can [____________________], not in individual feature but not, totally because Interim Licensed Financial Trustee (this new “Meantime Qualified Bank Trustee”) towards the advantage of the fresh new Depositor when you look at the Meantime Believe Arrangement old since [______], 20[__] between your Depositor given that Interim Eligible Financial Trustee, are effective on delivery about anyone hereto. Present towards the Depositor herein imply the newest Interim Certified Lender Trustee for all objectives in this holding if you don’t cellular out-from legal term into the Qualified Funds.

Faith Contract, dated since the [Date], between Wachovia Education loan Capital LLC, a Delaware minimal-accountability team (brand new “Depositor”), and you may [Label out-of Trustee] (“_______”), a good _________ monetary cash advance during the Missouri enterprise, maybe not with its private function not, only because the latest Qualified Lender Trustee (the new “Trustee”). The brand new Depositor while the Trustee hereby agree less than:

Wachovia Student loan Funding LLC Take to Plans

Wachovia Education loan Investment LLC – Interim Believe Agreement between WACHOVIA Student loan Resource LLC, because Purchaser and you will subsequent Transferor rather than featuring its private capabilities but simply while the Meantime Qualified Bank Trustee to the task to have regarding Wachovia Student loan Financing LLC.

Wachovia Education loan Funding LLC – INDENTURE certainly one of WACHOVIA Education loan Trust 20[__]-[__], since the Issuer, maybe not with its individual ability but solely as the Certified Bank Trustee and not along with its personal strength yet not, only if brand new Indenture Trustee Old since [_____], 20[__]

Wachovia Education loan Financing LLC, a good Delaware restricted-accountability company (new “Depositor”), hereby verifies the latest agreement having Wachovia Investment Avenues, LLC (“Wachovia”) each one of one’s almost every other underwriters named loans in Idaho into the Plan An effective hereto (along, the brand new “Underwriters”, and therefore name will also are you to definitely underwriter substituted just like the hereinafter offered for the Point ten), having who Wachovia grew to become associate (this ability, the newest “Representative”), with respect to the cash from the Depositor together with score of your own Underwriters, pretending severally and never since you, of version of prominent number mainly based into Plan An enthusiastic higher level of $[________] aggregate prominent number of Wachovia Education loan Faith 20[___]-[_] [Too-much Distribution Degree] (the new “Certificates”) of your Wachovia Student loan Trust 20[___]-[_] (the latest “Trust”) beneath the terms and conditions contains herein. Capitalized conditions place here which aren’t or even detail by detail will possess the current advantages offered such as for instance conditions in the Indenture (since the

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